A revolutionary input device that's only 30 years too late

To prevent confusion, a "lighthammer" is just like the "lightpen" and "lightgun" a CRT based input device for your computer... well retro computer that is. Because nowadays in the age of touchscreens, who needs a lightpen. And in the age of LCD's well not many people even own a CRT anymore. Therefore lightguns have no longer the status they used to have.

What is it?

The good old lightgun is just a lightpen with a trigger and an extra lens. And in order for the lightpen and lightgun to operate you'll require CRT monitor. If you have such a monitor and a retro-computer like the C64, then this "lighthammer" project might be of interest to you. Because the lighthammer opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
The lighthammer has the sensitivity of a lightpen so it only works (reliable) at close range to the screen, which is perfect if you want to hit something on the screen. To detect the impact when you hit the screen an accelerometer is used on the prototype version of the lighthammer (V1.0) that and the light sensor were placed inside a 70 cent dog-toy. It worked but was far from perfect. Almost a year later I finished the lighthammer V2.0, this no longer used the complicated and troublesome accelerometer and the case itself was no longer a silly toy but a reliable good looking 3D printed hammer. This design is available for download so you can build it yourself.
Click on one of the three links below to read the story behind it and it's construction details
Lighthammer V1.0 Lighthammer V2.0 Arcade cabinet